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15 times Colby Melvin made my heart melt

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15 times Colby Melvin made my heart melt

Colby Melvin has that southern sex appeal that drives some people crazy: naturally sweet with good manners and a handsome face. But it isn’t just about the looks; it’s the personality that makes all the difference. – And I can attest to that.

I met the 29 year-old-blue-eyed underwear model and activist back in 2015 at the Dallas Purple Party, and he was nothing but nice to me. We chatted briefly and in a fangirl moment (don’t judge me) I asked him for a picture, he gladly accepted.

Let me tell you; I’ve had a few encounters with #instacrushes, not all of them are cordial, Colby Melvin was. Most importantly, his social media charisma shines in real life too. He made my pulse rate soar that night.

Here are fifteen times Colby Melvin made my heart melt.

15. As AdamMale’s new brand ambassador and sexy “Dildo Dodgeball” referee.

14. When he made a cameo on RuPaul’s Drag Race, he looked adorable

RuPaul Drag Race Season 5

13. That time he looked sharp wearing a jean jacket

12. That time he graced us with his birthday suit

A post shared by Colby Melvin (@colbymelvin) on

11. When he managed to infatuate us while raising awareness for HIV

HIV Equal / Thomas Evans

10. As a scruffy stud

Twitter / @colbymelvin

9. Looking perfectly pretty in pink

The Underwear Expert

8. As a beautiful “work of art”


7. As a hot American summer dream

Jonathan Saad

6. Because he can do my laundry any day

Colby Melvin 2015 Calendar

5. Anytime he stares at me with those strikingly piercing blue eyes

4. As a swooning bathtub hottie

A post shared by Colby Melvin (@colbymelvin) on

3. When he is a wet dreamboat

Colby Melvin 2015 Calendar

2. Oh Colby you’ve have left me speechless

The Underwear Expert / Rick Day

1. And finally, anytime he flashes that perfect smile

If you want to keep swooning over the handsome Colby Melvin check out his Instagram and Facebook page.

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