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Do you avoid getting f***d because it hurts?

Photo credit: Sean Cody

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Do you avoid getting f***d because it hurts?

My best friend hates bottoming because it hurts too much. I’m always giving him sex tips like breathe, go slow, use more lube, sit on it ! don’t let him stick it in- but he always comes back frustrated and disappointed. The last time he dated a guy he blamed the breakup on himself due to his, “being a bad bottom” as he puts it. I told him there’s no such thing as “being a bad bottom” – but alas I can’t get through to him.

As an experienced pornstar (Brendan Philips) once told me, “Girl listen. It comes down to one simple lesson. If you can’t take a dick it’s because you don’t really want it.” Ultimately, it’s psychological and and not wanting to have anal sex is completely normal.

Because the truth is, most gay guys don’t have anal sex.

The idea that being gay means you have to have anal sex is just plain wrong. There’s so much more to sex than anal sex. So let’s focus on things that feel good (below) that don’t involved getting fucked!

First up, masturbation- the most popular type of sex between men.

5. Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream

Rating: 8/10

Highlight: When I have trouble cumming I use this and I instantly blow my load all over my boyfriend face. He loves it.

Price: Lucky for you, almost everything is 50% off today at Make sure you use code: GOOD when you checkout.

Favorite thing: “No more awkward jerk off session where I can’t cum”

When I get home from work I’m usually exhausted so jerking off is the only option if I want to get off. When I’m in the shower I can’t use soap because it stings my dick hole so I prefer to use this cream. Plus, it works so much better that soap. It’s oil and silicone based so it works well in water. Don’t use this with condoms though, it’s not safe for anal sex.

Click here if you want to buy Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream. Get 15% off when you use code GOOD when you checkout.

Need some real lube? Get 50% off today at with code GOOD.

4. Colt Hot Hole Masturbator with heating rods

Rating: 9.5/10

Highlight: Heats up to 131°f and it’s ribbed inside.

Price: It’s 20% off today at with code: GOOD.

Favorite thing: “I love sinking my cock into a tight warm ass so I love toys that can heat up. It’s like a warm bath for your cock.”

When his tops don’t stop insisting, my friend who doesn’t like to bottom uses this to calm them down. Relationships are built on compromise and this is as close to an ass as they can get from him.

Click here if you want to buy Colt Hot Hole Masturbator. Use code GOOD when you checkout for an instant discount.

Warning: This toy is only compatible with water-based lube. Water-based lubes are also 50% off at today with coupon code GOOD.

3. Play Zone Xact-Fit Rings

Rating: 9/10

Highlight: If I’m having trouble staying hard I use a tighter ring. When I’m feeling confident I use the looser one and put my balls through it too.

Price: Incredibly, it’s 50% off today at AdamMale.comThey are having a mega-sale: almost everything is 50% off at today with code GOOD.

Favorite thing: “It’s nice seeing my cock bigger without any of the pain because I can adjust the size based on my comfort level”

I use a bigger cock ring if I’m going to a pool party but if I want to show off in the bedroom I’ll pick a tighter one. Plus, having 10 multi-sized penis rings to choose from is pretty handy, especially if you have multiple partners. My boyfriend likes to pop on Grindr and invite someone over every once in a while so it’s nice to have this on the nightstand when we want to show off.

Rings measure from 1.1” to 1.9” wide and are made of premium silicone. It’s very high-quality.

Click here if you want to buy Play Zone Xact-Fit Rings. It’s 50% off today with coupon code GOOD.

2. Neck And Wrist Restraint

Rating: 10/10

Highlight: Can be used on wrists or ankles and 9 rings to clip them to depending on flexibility

Price: The Neck and Wrist Restraint is 20% off today at Make sure you use code: GOOD when you checkout.

Favorite thing: “It was the first toy I bought when I wanted to explore D/S play and it’s still in very good condition”

I use the cuffs to tie up my boyfriend before I sit on his face. He’s not that flexible so this is perfect because we can clip it to the rings at the bottom. Some people that join us don’t trust us yet, so it helps that the closures are velcro which keeps everything secure enough to stand up and struggle, while allowing for a way out.

Try the Neck and Wrist Restraint. It’s 20% off today at with code: GOOD.

1. Good Head for Him Kit

Rating: 10/10

Highlight: In the morning I have bad breath so this is a nice way to suck his cock when I wake up without having to smell my nasty saliva on his dick.

Price: It’s 20% off today at Make sure you use code: GOOD when you checkout.

Favorite thing: “The tingly feeling from the gel makes his nipples perk up”

It definitely adds a new dimension to dick sucking. Imagine lube for your mouth so you can suck dick better that also tastes minty and cool on his cock. I just apply the minty gel to my tongue or on his cock and start sucking. The tingly feeling makes his nipples perk up. The pack also includes a vibrating cock ring which is a nice touch.

Try the Good Head for Him Kit. It’s 20% off today at with code: GOOD.

And finally, if you need to stock up on lube or condoms, I would do it now. Almost everything is 50% off today at with code: GOOD.

The great thing about is that they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, a 90 day no-hassle return policy and 24/7 customer service.

Enjoy your Saturday, boys!

Scroll down for some pictures of Brandon and Tanner

Brandon and Tanner

Brandon and Tanner

Brandon and Tanner

Click here to watch the full video (NSFW).

If you want to watch these scenes but you can’t because you are not a member then you should sign up today because membership is only $1. Click here to take advantage of this deal.

Have a good weekend, boys!

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