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Colby Melvin’s favorite sex toys, the longest, hardest and everything in between

Sex toys

Colby Melvin’s favorite sex toys, the longest, hardest and everything in between

Choosing the right sex toy can be a challenge for many. Any discussion regarding self pleasure can be a complicated one to approach and when still dealing with the unnecessary obstacles of stigma and shame, the right information can be difficult to come by.

So who better to tackle this subject than model, activist and AdamMale brand ambassador Colby Melvin?

Colby has been an outspoken figure in the gay community for some time now, fearlessly bringing awareness to issues such as mental health, sexual stigma and cultural pressure within the community.

We sat down with Colby to discuss his favorite sex products, why he enjoys them and why he thinks we should have them!


Editor: Hey Colby, it’s great to see you again! So with the limited time we have, let’s get right down to business. I see you’ve been working on this list for me since last we spoke so I’m gonna jump right in and ask about the first toy you mention, the L’arque Prostate. Tell us a little bit about it.

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Colby Melvin: OK so this is the first of the ‘prostate massagers/stimulators’ I have on this list and you can see that I’ve chosen a few from this line. The prostate is a major part of the male sexual experience, whether he’s gay or straight but because of the societal shame surrounding anything going near his ass, many men are unfortunately missing out. This product is pretty slick in its design, it’s not big and intimidating but it’s still masculine. The shaft is angled and the handle means that you have complete control of the sensations at all times. It works by sending vibrations directly towards the male G-Spot with 3 speeds and four functions to choose from. For guys who aren’t used to this, it really is the perfect toy to start with when exploring this new world.

Editor: Sounds awesome and thanks for enlightening us! Let’s talk about the second item on your list, the True Feel Cock.

True Feel Cock

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Colby Melvin: Well this one is pretty simple really! No gay man’s list would be complete without a dildo and this just happens to be a really great one. It’s 7” in length so it’s not a total monster, but the best thing about it is just how REAL it feels. The outer skin is soft and yielding whereas the core is hard and firm. So it mimics an actual erection. Those looking for an incredibly realistic experience need look no further. Like any sex toy, just make sure to use plenty of water based lube. Particularly if you’re new to this.

Editor: Good advice Sir! And I see you have another dildo coming up next? A red 9 incher no less?

Red Dong

Colby Melvin: Sometimes people are ready for an adventure. It’s 9 inches. It does what it says on the tin. Do I need to say more?

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Editor: No. No you don’t. But moving on from the back to the front. I see next on your list you have Trenton Ducati’s Butt Fleshjack?

Trenton Fleshjack

Colby Melvin: There’s a reason why Trenton Ducati has such a successful porn career. Now you can feel what you’ve seen on your computer screen all these years.

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It’s basically a direct replica of his butthole.

The material is made up of supersoft ‘superskin’ and you would swear you were fucking the real thing.

So, so, so good.

Editor: Easy Tiger, take a breather! Let’s talk about the next product on your list, Ringo’s Cock Ring

Ringo Cock Ring

Colby Melvin: This is a simple one. There’s no bells and whistles, it’s just a really good, really comfortable cock ring. Cock rings wrap around your balls and shaft and they put this delicious pressure on your perineum. They’ll also help you keep your erection for longer and provide continuous low level stimulation during sex or throughout the day. No man should be without one.

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Editor: You should see my drawer at home. I must have about fifty by now!

Up next it’s the Sexy Black Silicone Plug. So tell us, why did you include a butt plug on the list and why this one in particular?

Sexy Black Silicone Plug

Colby Melvin: I always say butt plugs are always a great addition to anyone’s collection. This one is just 1 inch wide and 2.5 inches in length so it’s perfect for beginners.

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If you’re new to anal play you really gotta take it slow in the beginning and this toy is the perfect choice to get you over the initial hump. Again, for beginners…..don’t forget the lube!

Editor: Quality advice! So we’re back to the prostate massagers. The next one you mention is the P-Spot Massager.

P-Spot Massager

Colby Melvin: Yep. This one really is a gem plus its only about $10. It’s the same idea as the L’arque Prostate but this one also works to stimulate the perineum because it comes with nine raised nubs at the base of the shaft. Again, this one works with vibrations and hits the prostate perfectly. I absolutely loved it.

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Editor: We hear ya! OK, we’re really making some headway here. Next up are the Play Zone Xact-fit Rings You’ve already mentioned the Ringo Cock Ring, so what’s the difference here and why did you include them on the list?


Colby Melvin: No difference really. A cock ring is a cock ring. They all function in the same way but unfortunately one size does not fit all. These bad boys come in 10 different sizes so you can really gauge what feels best for you personally.

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Editor: The next item on the list really interests me because it’s one I haven’t tried before. It’s the Silicone Ball Spreader. So what’s this all about and should I go out and get myself one?!

Ball Spreader

Colby Melvin: First off, yes you should! The sensation is like a cock ring x10. One ring goes around the base of your shaft and the other two go around each of the boys to separate them. It provides longer lasting erections but on top of that, the orgasms you can get from using this product are pretty damn intense.

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Editor: OK I’m sold! And I see we have ANOTHER prostate massager on the list! This time it’s the Lux LX3+ Male Prostate Stimulator. So is there a difference with this one or do you just really, really like prostate massagers?!


Colby Melvin: A little bit of both really! Although this one provides more intense stimulation than the other two mentioned on the list. The vibrations transfer over the entire surface area of the toy so press the button and you’re in for a pretty extreme experience!

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Editor: Sound advice Colby and thank you so much for taking the time out to meet with us today. I’m sure our readers appreciate it as much as we do and as always it was great to have you. Keep fighting the good fight!

Colby Melvin: Thank you guys! I’m looking forward to chatting again with you soon!

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