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5 bedroom activities made better with Studio Ready pornstar ass scrub

Boomer Banks and Seth for Studio Ready


5 bedroom activities made better with Studio Ready pornstar ass scrub

Boomer Banks and Seth for Studio Ready

Note to readers that Good Hot Stuff is affiliated with Studio Ready.

While some of us may like to get down and dirty once in a while (hey we’re not judging!), many of us like a clean workspace when it comes to sex — especially when dealing with anal sex. There have been countless articles written about how to prepare for anal sex, from douching to diet to lube to butt plugs. Pretty much anything you’ve ever wanted to know about anal sex, you can find a think piece or an advice column all about it. And that’s great! The more we’re able to educate ourselves about our bodies, our partners’ bodies and what makes those bodies tick (and explode with pleasure), the better off we’ll be. So back to those clean workspaces …

Whether you’re into smooth cheeks or hairy holes, cleaning up before playtime is an important step for most gay men. Some prefer a quick shower with a soapy finger, others prefer more involved prep that includes shaving and douching — but whatever your butt routine may be, we have something you may want to give a try.

Studio Ready Hot Coffee Scrub

The first ultra-premium scrub designed to make eating ass more enjoyable, Studio Ready Hot Coffee Scrub is inspired by the constant maintenance required by porn stars. It’s designed to improve the look, feel and taste of your ass. According to Studio Ready, “The ingredients in Hot Coffee Scrub are actually designed to enhance natural pheromones. It’s designed to give you a fresher ass smell. It scrubs away dead skin cells, sweat from the day, and other impurities leaving your ass the way it should smell, and look, for a younger, fresher more moisturized appearance.” Count us in!

Ingredients include cane sugar, carefully crafted mountain coffee, sweet oils with chocolate and hazelnut notes. All of these ingredients help you maintain a fresh ass that smells, well, irresistible. Now, we’re sure your tush is mouthwatering just the way it is, but trust us — Hot Coffee Scrub will make it that much tastier. And it’s easy to use, too. Simply massage all over desired areas, hop in a steamy shower and go to town (you can even give your balls some love, too). Rinse, and you’re ready to sit on an eager partner’s face!

Now, what to do with such a sparkling specimen? Here are a few bedroom activities we recommend now that your cheeks are sufficiently sweetened:

1. Fuck with confidence — Don’t think twice before you sit on his face. Hot Coffee Scrub helps clean away dead skin cells, sweat from the day, and other impurities, leaving the tougher skin of your ass cheeks feeling fresh, moisturized and youthful. Fuck his face and sit on it with confidence.

2. Eat longer — Eating ass is already great. But what if it could be better? With Hot Coffee Scrub, your man will want to spend a lot more time down there, tongue fucking you into oblivion while he enjoys the fresh scent of your ass with a hints of chocolate, sugar and hazelnuts notes. Best of all, it’s not overpowering so your ass tastes even better than before.

3. Fuck deeper — A natural next step after a fuck-me-now rimming session? Going a little deeper. Whether you start with the tip of his cock or the tip of his tongue, your hole will beg in anticipation.

4. Pound harder — Fuck sessions come with a whole host of smells, some good and, well, some not so great. And the harder you play, well, things can get out of hand. Just like a trusty deodorant before you get to work, Hot Coffee Scrub will keeps your hole fresh and studio ready, which is much better than the alternative.

5. Play cleaner — Ass smell is great, which is why Hot Coffee Scrub makes it better, and cleaner too — however you like to play, you can mix it up with ease, without worry. You can sit on his face without asking and he’ll thank you for it. Studio Ready is much better than just ready- that’s for sure.

Boomer Banks and Seth for Studio Ready

Try Hot Coffee Scrub for yourself, or check out Pornstar Travel Kit while it lasts.

Let us know how you — and your partner(s) — like it at @goodhotstuff on Twitter. If you can take a break from all the studio ready sex you’ll be having, that is.

Head to to place your order now! Valentine’s Day Approaches!

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