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Hung duo Kaleb and Blake take turns after a hot hike


Hung duo Kaleb and Blake take turns after a hot hike

Blake has had an eye on Kaleb for a while now, especially since he saw Kaleb bottoming for the first time on the site…Blake just had to have him! Both studs marveled at each other’s perfect bubble butts, telling one another that they like the other’s ass more than theirs…it was definitely adorable, and that led to them wanting it all, so both guys got a chance to fuck and get fucked. “It’s fun getting to do the other side for a change, especially since I have a dick and I know how to use it!” Well, Blake’s got that right! He doesn’t always get a chance to top, but he really showed Kaleb how to take dick well.

After exploring the great outdoors  together, Kaleb revealed that his favorite part of the hike was the piggyback ride Blake gave him.

“Just getting on top of his back and, I don’t know it gave me a little bit of a chub, you know? It turned me on a little bit. Knowing how strong he is so he can carry me up that hill,” Kaleb said.

Coincidentally, it also happened to be Blake’s favorite part as well. “I like having someone behind me,” he joked. The scene was set, and once these two studs stripped down, it was almost impossible to get their hands off each other, or their dicks out of each other’s asses.

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Sean Cody: Kaleb and Blake

Sean Cody: Blake

Sean Cody: Kaleb

Sean Cody: Kaleb and Blake

Sean Cody: Kaleb and Blake

Sean Cody: Blake and Kaleb

Sean Cody: Kaleb

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