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5 hottest sex scenes featuring Brandon from Sean Cody



5 hottest sex scenes featuring Brandon from Sean Cody

1. The first time he bottomed

After five long years with Sean Cody, Brandon bottomed for the first time in a scene with Tanner. “I requested him. I liked our film together and thought the only person I trusted was Tanner,” said Brandon right before Tanner kissed him. With a smile on his face, Tanner made Brandon feel comfortable by licking his hole before easing his way in. You can see why Brandon trusts him- the boys get along like lifelong friends. Their personal relationship shines through in this beautiful and very hot scene. If you’re a member you can watch the scene by clicking here. Click on the video at the top left if you’re on your computer or the topmost video if you’re reading this on your phone. If you’re not a member, you can sign up to Sean Cody today for just $1 by clicking here.

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2. That time he choked Kristian

There’s a lot choking and dominating going on in this scene. My favorite part was when Brandon fucks Kristian sideways with his hand around Kristian’s throat in minute 19:00- that’s when I finally came. If you’re a member, click here to watch Brandon fuck Kristian’s brains out. If you’re not a member, you can sign up today for $1 by clicking here.

3. That time he destroyed Cole’s hole

Cole has always had a huge crush on Brandon and it shows. Brandon being the more experienced one, is in his element guiding Cole through each scene and even teaches him a thing or two. Scroll to minute 24:00 to watch Cole swallow Brandon’s load. Click here to watch the scene.

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4. That time Brandon fucked his biggest admirer

Cassian’s dream has always been to get fucked by Brandon and he gets exactly what he wished for. “That was the best!” Cassian was practically weak in the knees after they first kissed…and after getting a hard pounding, he was spent, and his craving satisfied. You could literally see it on his face. Click here to watch this scene.

5. When Brandon went to the gym

Sean Cody thought it would be fun to get to know Brandon and learn about what makes him tick. They figured there’s no better place to study him than in his natural habitat: the gym. Brandon opens up about why he works so hard at getting in shape and even opens up a bit about some upcoming experiences. This was shot in a style entirely different from his other shoots and one we rarely see from Sean Cody.

Click here to watch Brandon working out.

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