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Nipples and orgasms: nipples for beginners

Nipple play

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Nipples and orgasms: nipples for beginners

Nipples are one of the most sensitive areas and one of the most fun to play with. If you like to touch your nipples while you jerk off then you know how good it can feel to have your nipples pinched and pulled. And if you know what to do with them, then you can use them to your advantage the next time you have sex.

The workings of the nipple

The nipple is made up of a network of smooth muscles closely underlying the surface of the skin, which are packed nerve-endings that respond to temperature and touch.  The nipple extends out to a ring of skin, pink to brown color and 1-2 centimeters wide, which is called the areola.

The muscles underneath the skin contract when exposed to temperature changes, touch and arousal.  The nipples fill with blood and get more sensitive the more intense your arousal becomes — but only to a point. As you approach orgasm the human body can tolerate much stronger stimulation.  

How to orgasm by playing with his and your nipples

Start slow:  the biggest mistake many people can make is to rush into biting or squeezing too hard off the bat.  Most people need a warm up period.  Each person benefits from a variety of stimulation including biting and twisting.  The last thing you want to do is to rush into biting hard on someone who doesn’t like it.

grant and ashton suck nipples

Watch Grant & Ashton at

Suck and stroke: this is the time to figure out what your partner wants. Lick your fingers and suck his dick while you lightly pinch and pull. The saliva makes things more slippery and gives you something to do with your hands while you suck him off.

Two hands or one: use two hands or one depending on your level of dick sucking ability. See if he likes it.

Use a clamp: try a weighted clamp on your nipples while he fucks you for a feeling of intense stimulation. The black bomber nipple clamps from are great for this.

Increase the pressure: as the sexual tension builds, so can the pressure.  You can do this with your fingers, your teeth or your ass. Spit on his chest and rub your ass on his nipples while he sucks your dick. Intensify the stimulation gradually.

If he’s into coldplay *pun: Tie him up and put an ice cube on his nipples while you suck his dick. Which reminds me, you can also put an ice cube on his asshole before you eat him out. That’s another good one.

Don’t forget to breathe on his nipples while you’re fucking him. The heat of your breath adds warmth and intensity.

grant and ashton sean cody suck nipples

Grant & Ashton from Sean Cody

Watch Grant & Ashton at

Grant and ashton from sean cody nipples

Grant & Ashton from Sean Cody

Toy suggestions for the extra kinky

1. Weighted nipple clamps

Pull and pinch his nipples while he fucks your brains out with the Black Bomber Nipple Clamps

Black Bomber Nipple Clamps

Black Bomber Nipple Clamps from

2. Nipple suckers

Twist and shout while you ride his cock with the Maxx Twist Nipple Suckers

Maxxx Twist Nipple Suckers

Maxx Twist Nipple Suckers from

3. Pull and pinch

Or slide the pump over your nipples and squeeze the bulb while he eats your ass with the Nipple Erector Set. Then slide the O-rings over them to keep nipples erect and stimulated when you fuck him.

Nipple Erector Set sex toy

Nipple Erector Set from

Go explore all the nipple toy options over at Use code GOOD at checkout and get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on orders over $20 in the US. This discount is valid for pretty much all of the sex toys on the site, though a few items may not be eligible for the full discount.

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