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Studio Ready expands line with new Pornstar Travel Kit


Studio Ready expands line with new Pornstar Travel Kit

Studio Ready creator, Alex Holt, sat down with Good Hot Stuff to talk about Studio Ready, the first ultra-premium scrub designed to make eating ass more enjoyable, and the brand new Porn Star Travel Kit.

The company’s tagline, “sit on his face with confidence,” sums it up for Holt. “Eating ass is already great. But what if it could be even better?

“My friends tell me they worry all the time that they’re not clean enough. I think most guys don’t scrub and that’s part of the reason why they worry. Soapy fingers don’t always cut it.”

“That was part of my inspiration. Talking with friends. So that’s why our first product was a scrub. The amazing thing is that within just a few weeks of launching Hot Coffee Scrub, guys started emailing me to tell me their husbands were eating their ass again for the first time in years. It worked! Isn’t that amazing? If Studio Ready can help improve a relationship, I’m all for it. As it turns out, Studio Ready is just one more step after soap, and it makes all the difference.” explains Holt.

Boomer Banks and Seth Fornea for Studio Ready

Seth Fornea for Studio Ready

Note to readers that Good Hot Stuff is affiliated with Studio Ready.

“There are some misconceptions about the product. For example, it doesn’t smell like regular coffee. I think that would be off-putting by itself. I tell people it smells like Snickers and Starbucks had a baby. Hot Coffee Scrub smells like a box of chocolates with a hint of coffee and fresh hazelnut notes. But it’s not too sweet. It smells like you just want to eat it.

“There are these horrible coffee scrubs they sell on Amazon and at Urban Outfitters that are repulsive, to say the least. Studio Ready is the opposite. In fact, some people want to eat the scrub and I keep begging them not to. It’s that good,” explains Holt.

Other guys don’t try it because they’re worried it’s too powerful or takes away man-ass-smell. Which is false.

Hot Coffee Scrub is designed to enhance natural pheromones. It’s designed to give you a fresher ass smell. It scrubs away dead skin cells, sweat from the day, and other impurities leaving your ass the way it should smell.” Holt says with a smirk.

We asked Holt to read some reviews he’s always getting in his email box (published with permission).

“Look at that, these are great,” says Holt, excited to share. “This marriage is eating a lot more ass”

He reads the first email, “Lets just say my partner makes more use of my ass on the days I use the scrub than the days I don’t. I keep things waxed down there, but the scrub brings out the silky skin and makes for a muskier session both before and after he’s done.

This marriage is getting it everywhere:

“My husband and I both like the product very much. It does exactly what is advertised and the aroma is incredible…. And it definitely should be used on the perineum and balls.”

Holt, for his part, has been trying to keep up with demand for the well-reviewed product since it launched almost two months ago.

Boomer Banks and Seth Fornea for Studio Ready

Boomer Banks and Seth Fornea for Studio Ready

“We’ve been getting more orders than we can handle. I think a lot of it has to do with Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect gift, if you think about it. Because it’s a gift for both of you. It’s unfortunate because we probably won’t have enough to meet demand.” says Holt.

If you’ve missed this product on your social media, here is your chance to get in and stay in the know.

Thousands are discovering the steamy @getstudioready Instagram page and placing orders. The company says almost everyone finds out about them through Instagram.

Holt continues, “we never thought we would get this response so quickly. We’ve hired two more people just to keep up with all of the orders. I’m getting hundreds of emails from people. So many married guys are telling me that their husbands are eating their ass for the first time in years, a lot of couples are excited about sex again. Single guys tell me about guys on Grindr who offer to buy it from them on the spot. I have people ordering nine at one time and people are paying hundreds of dollars to have it sent all the way to Australia. It’s really something.”

Whether you’re into smooth cheeks or hairy holes, cleaning up before playtime is an important step for most gay men and Studio Ready is focused on making life easy for bottoms without any of the feminine fragrances or nasty chemicals you find in other products.

“Quite frankly I don’t want to smell like a flower before I get pounded.”

“This is not a body scrub. Hot Coffee Scrub is coarser and it’s made for the thicker skin on your butt. The body scrubs you find at Bath and Body Works or Marshalls or at CVS, they smell like detergent or house cleaner and quite frankly I don’t want to smell like a flower before I get pounded. Hot Coffee Scrub is tough. It leaves you with a hint of man and scrubs the rest away.” Holt said.

“I think the special smell is part of the appeal. I took forever to find the right scent. Some prefer a quick shower with a soapy finger, and that’s okay I guess” says Holt, “But I think most guys don’t scrub down there. If you stick your finger on your asshole after you shower and sniff, you’re probably not going to be happy.”

Shaving is another challenge says Holt. “I used to get razor bumps when I shaved which looked embarrassing for a few days. I never knew what to do. I always wondered, how come pornstar ass looks so fucking perfect?”

Holt, having been in touch with porn stars for years in the industry, asked some performers for advice.

“I asked them why they look so good- why don’t they have spots. One thing I learned is that it’s not always makeup. It’s all about maintenance. They have a routine and it’s a lot of work. They have all sorts of regimens. Things they mix up themselves. I said to myself, I want some of that. I want to be studio ready. Then one conversation led to another, and Studio Ready was born.

“Let’s just say, I use it every day and I’m much happier” Holt said with a smirk.

Try Hot Coffee Scrub for yourself, or check out Pornstar Travel Kit, while it lasts.

Boomer Banks and Seth Fornea for Studio Ready

Boomer Banks and Seth Fornea for Studio Ready

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