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Throwback to Tanner’s armpits in his first solo scene


Throwback to Tanner’s armpits in his first solo scene

As I was browsing Sean Cody’s archives this morning I stumbled upon Tanner’s first solo jerk off scene and it is glorious. My first thought was how have I never seen this before and my second thought was how confident he was starting out. The lean 20-year old made his debut in 2013, showing off his huge balls and sexy armpits in his first-ever solo scene for Sean Cody.

I’m not the only guy with a thing for armpits, so if you haven’t taken a close look at Tanner’s armpits yet, you must. Here’s a clip for the curious.

As you might expect, they start off by asking him about his past. We find out that Tanner was a hyper kid who began swimming in middle school to blow of some steam. He swam at the competitive level at one point but now he just swims for fun. Despite having huge balls, like really big, he insists on always wearing a speedo.

“Do you know that you have big nuts?” asks the cameraman.

Tanner solo scene for Sean Cody

Never shy, Tanner answers with a question. “Yeah, do you want to see them?”

Yes, Tanner. Yes we do.

Click here to watch him play with his nuts free (NSFW)


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